8 innovative alternatives to vaping

Recent news has painfully reminded us that the health effects of vaporizing cannabis are still largely unknown. Every day we read a new study about the potential harms — but now it’s serious. Seven people have lost their lives to vaping-associated pulmonary injury (VAPI), with hundreds more suspected cases reported across the country.

What can you do to protect yourself?

The best thing that you can do right now is to stop vaping entirely until everyone figures out what's going on, but since this probably won’t happen, you should at least know some best practices.

If you absolutely must vape, here's what you should do: 

  • Only buy products from licensed retailers.

  • Ensure that there are no cutting agents or additives in the oil.

  • Ask for the test results on the vape product to ensure purity, check for pesticides, microbial content, solvents...everything. Google all the big words!

  • If they add something into the oil but insist that it's safe, you should ask for (and obviously, read) an MSDS on the ingredient. If they won't provide it then you should not buy that product.

Ready to ditch vaping entirely?

There are tons of products on the market that provide a similar experience without inhaling.  Here are a few of our favorite smoke and vape free products, backed by our personal experience of them being awesome:

Cosmic View 3.jpg

Cosmic View Tincture

This women-owned, mother-daughter team created a doctor-formulated line of tinctures. They are extremely strict about their sourcing and use olive oil from their own farm for these small-batch tinctures.

Image via onalife.com



Catch me constantly watching this feed for inspiration. Potli is a team of two best friends—Christine and Felicity—who make out-of-this-world honey and extra virgin olive oil. +1 for Potli!

Image via potli.com



Weed & Coffee: need I say more? I love to drink a Somatik and clean my entire house.

Image via somatik.com


Atlas Powdered Drink Mix

We’re suckers for a unique product, and Atlas’ Powdered Drink Mix is no exception. Just stir it into a glass of water and, like magic, you have a full blown cannabis beverage. Dang!

Image via atlasedibles.com

Kikoko 2.jpg


Kikoko makes organic herbal teas formulated to help with everything in life. Their marketing is goddess tier—some of the most consistent in our world—with Kikoko high tea parties being a staple in the cannabis community.

Image via kikoko.com

Level Tabs.png

Level Tablingual

Sure, they’re technically our largest competitor, but we love Level and the people who run this company. We occupy a tiny niche together that is continuing to grow despite the overall cannabis market’s recent…um…challenges. That’s pretty neat!

Image via levelblends.com

Giant Drinks.png

Giant by Mirth

Powerful botanicals align with the natural terpenes of your favorite cannabis strains to create a harmonic convergence of mind and body.

Image via mirthprovisions.com


Kin Slips Sublingual Strips

I couldn’t post this blog without mentioning our own product. Kin Slips dissolve under your tongue and start working in about 10 minutes. Blends available for creativity, relaxation, and relief.

Josh Kirby